Toran Sahu

Development Lead at Talentica Softwares

B. Tech. (CSE) NIT, Raipur
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Talentica Softwares, Pune — Development Lead


Ethereal Machines, Bangalore — Senior Software Engineer

MAR 2018 – OCT 2018

Infosys, Pune — Senior Systems Engineer

JUL 2017 – MAR 2018

Infosys, Pune — Systems Engineer

JUN 2015 – JUN 2017


National Institute of Technology, Raipur — B. Tech. (CSE)

JUN 2011 – JUN 2015

Grade: 6.96/10

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Bilaspur — 12th PCM

JUL 2009 – APR 2010

Grade: 72%

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Bilaspur — 10th

JUL 2007 – APR 2008

Grade: 83.4%


Ethereal ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning — Ethereal Machines

JUN 2018 – PRESENT @ Ethereal Machines

Establishment of ERP System for the organization which includes PLM, Inventory, Finance Management, Vendor & Distributor Management System.

Ethereal Halo, 5-Axis CNC Router & 3D Printer — Ethereal Machines

MAY 2018 – JUN 2018 @ Ethereal Machines

Improvement in accuracy of heating and extrusion mechanism, and Creation of G-Code Postprocessors.

Ethereal Website, CMS Enabled Official Website — Ethereal Machines

APR 2018 @ Ethereal Machines

Development of Company’s Official Website facilitating Content Management System to the Administrators.

Ethereal Ray, 3D Printer Backend — Ethereal Machines

MAR 2018 – APR 2018 @ Ethereal Machines

Establishment of open source 3D printer software backend on raspberry platform, Improving and adding various feature to make the printer smarter.

ProConf, Interspec Data Migration — Mondelez International

JUN 2017 – OCT 2017 @ Infosys Tech. Ltd.

Migration of some plants related data from SIMANTIC IT Interspec’s database to Selerant DevEX PLM’s database.

Volt, Financial Performance Management — Mondelez International

SEP 2016 – MAY 2017 @ Infosys Tech. Ltd.

Enhancement in existing features by implementing change request.

Meridian, Interspec Data Migration — Kraft Foods

DEC 2015 – AUG 2016 @ Infosys Tech. Ltd.

Migration of the whole data from SIMANTIC IT Interspec’s database to Oracle Agile PLM’s database.


Blockchain based Data Exchange Framework

Jul 2018 – PRESENT

Blockchain-based Data Exchange Framework to ensure the security, robustness, and the immutability of the inter-department transactions with some additional features like trigger based automatic data exchange.


OCT 2017

Weather Facts & Feature Visualization of various regions using data from


MS Excel Implementation of Regression Clustering — NIT, Raipur

JAN 2015 – APR 2015

An Application Software for attribute prediction of the data present in Excel file with minimal error estimation using regression clustering.

Data Fragmentation for given Cluster Centers — NIT, Raipur

JUL 2014 – DEC 2014

An Application Software for fragmentation of the data present in Excel file according to given cluster centers.


Programming Languages

Database Technologies

Web Technologies


Version Control System

Cloud & DevOps

Operating System

CS Fundamentals



SPOT Award – Talentica

NOV 2019

A certification awarded in appreciation of exhibiting Talentica core values.

SPOT Award – Talentica

SEP 2019

A certification awarded in appreciation of exhibiting Talentica core values.

Insta Award – Infosys

MAR 2017

Certification awarded in appreciation of exceeding the client’s expectations for the works assigned.

Insta Award – Infosys

JUL 2016

Certification awarded in appreciation of quickly learning INTERSPEC tool, helping the team to build database queries & extraction pro- cess, hard-working, and dedicated nature.


English, Hindi