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CS Dictionary#


  • genereally refers a 32bit processor
  • Intel 80368: First 32bit CPU
  • genereally refers a 64bit processor
  • 64bit CPU architecture invented by amd
  • create, read, update, delete
  • SQL: insert, select, update, delete
  • DDS: Data Distribution Service: write, read/take, write, despose
  • a file containing codes
  • collection of modules
  • A bunch of code which simplifies functions/methods for quick use.
  • to help you do things more quickly/easily
  • offer one area of functionality
  • application programming interface
  • the interface to the library
  • that you can call to ask it to do things for you
  • is a big library or group of libraries that provides many services
  • supplies a complete base on which you build your own code
  • software development kit
  • is a library or group of libraries
  • with extra tool applications, data files and sample code
  • integrated development environment
  • text editor with additional support for developing,compiling and debugging applications. e.g Eclipse, Visual Studio.
  • is like an SDK
  • with more focus on providing tools and applications than on just code libraries
markup lang#
  • Markup language is a paradigm/system to annotate a document in a way that is syntactically distinguishable from the text.
  • e.g. (X)HTML: (Extensible)Hypertext ML, XML: Extensible ML, (La)TeX: (Lamport)TeX
  • JavaScript object notation
  • stands for "YAML Ain't Markup Language"
  • YAML is to configuration what markdown is to markup
  • YAML is a human-readable data serialization language
  • commonly used for configuration files,
  • but could be used in many applications where
    • data is being stored (e.g. debugging output)
    • data is being transmitted (e.g. document headers).
  • Uses python style indentation, [], {}
  • Superset of JSON
  • YAML is case sensitive.
  • Can contain unix/linux commands


  • Software as a service
  • Gmail, Google apps, Cisco WebEx
  • Platform as a service
  • heroku, Travis CI, Circle CI
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • AWS, MS Azure,

Function as a service


Backend as a service


Container as a service

  • cascading style sheet
  • a style sheet language
  • used for describing presentation of a document written in a markup language.
  • CSS preprocessor: scripting language that extends CSS
  • Leaner CSS
  • CSS Dry
  • Implemented in JavaScript
  • Extension: .less
  • CSS preprocessor: scripting language that extends CSS
  • Syntactically Awesome style sheet
  • CSS Dry
  • implemented in Ruby
  • Extension: .scss
  • Content Delivery Network
  • a system of distributed servers/network that deliver pages and other web content to a user
  • based on geographical locations of the user to provide highspeed delivery
  • Working:
    • When a user request a page that is a part of CDN, then request goes to the central server and redirects the request to nearby server
RWD (Responsive Web Design)#
  • A web designing approach
  • crafting site to provide an optimal viewing experience
  • easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling
  • across a wide range of device (from mobile phones, tablets to desktop screens)
Mobile First#
  • A paradigm for creating UX
  • design UX for mobile devices first than other
  • because users prefer mobiles nowadays
UI Design/Front-end Framework#
  • eg. Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure
  • includes CSS, HTML for typography, icons, forms, buttons, tables, layout grids, navigation.
  • includes JS also
  • support for responsive
JS Framework#
  • e.g. AngularJS, ReactJS,
  • JavaScript framework for building CRUD centric AJAX style web applications
  • features 2-way data binding, deep linking, routing, transition animations and a lot lot more
  • Hyper text transfer protocol
  • base protocol the internet is built on
  • a request and response system
  • client sends a request to endpoint and endpoint responds
  • e.g. a browser accessing a web server, an app accessing an API
HTTP Request Methods#

Used for sending and retrieving HTML form data.

  • GET
    • Default
    • sends request by enclosing all the data into url string
    • The request/response have HTTP header only
    • Parameters are visible
    • Parameters remains in history
    • Hackable
    • Not Secure
    • Restriction in data length, 2048 chars, depends on browser
    • can be cached
    • Should be used for case when state of system/data is not going to be changed
    • unsuitable for sending password
  • POST
    • sends request by enclosing all the data into
    • The request/response have HTTP header & HTTP body
    • HTTP body contains message in URLEncoded format
  • PUT
CSRF : Cross Site Request Forgery#
  • A Cross-site request forgery hole is when a malicious site can cause a visitor's browser to make a request to your server that causes a change on the server. The server thinks that because the request comes with the user's cookies, the user wanted to submit that form.
Web Server#
  • a software, not a machine which stores code
  • recieves requests from client/browser
  • returns response, but doesn't create response
  • so, it talks to web application
Web Apllication#
  • creates response based on urls
  • passes response to web server
WSGI: Web Server Gateway Interface#
  • an interface between web server & application
  • contains some statements, set of rules
  • its not a software/library/framework
  • WSGI compliant server will able to communicate with a WSGI compliant web app
  • in WSGI, WSGI application has to be callable & it needs o be given to web server, so web server can call web application whenever it receives a request
Web Service#
  • a piece of software available over internet
  • and can be ustilized by some other softwares
  • using standard messaging system XML.
Web API#
  • Application Programming Interface
  • In web world its synonym to 'web services'
  • used by client apps to retrieve and update data
Appication Without web API#

Appication Without web API#

- Source:


(Nginx, Gunicorn, RabbitMQ, Celery, Redis, memcached, apache, WSGI) (load balancer, web accelerator, cache, database, task queue, etc.)

  • An HTTP and Reverse Proxy Server
  • A WSGI HTTP server
  • A tool for asynchronous processing with Python
  • A message broker
  • A process control system for unix